Pennies Babysitting Service

Pennies Babysitting Service


At Pennies Nannies we understand how difficult it is to find a reliable babysitter whom you can entrust with your children; this is why we offer our families a premium babysitting service. We provide reliable, secure care for your children, as well as peace of mind and convenience. All babysitter’s are qualified and/or experienced and have been personally interviewed and reference checked. Our service covers Kent, South East London, and surrounding areas.

Booking arrangements

Parents can call the agency with their request, including the start and finish time that a sitter is required. We will then forward CV’s of babysitters that are available in your local area for you to choose from (at the end of each CV will be the babysitter’s hourly rate). Once a babysitter has been confirmed their contact details will be sent via email to yourselves and they will contact you directly to introduce themselves.

Babysitter requirements:

Children must be ready for bed or able to get ready for bed. Our babysitters cannot be responsible for bathing

Please leave a contact number, children’s medical details and Doctor’s number by the telephone

The provision of refreshments for your babysitter would be appreciated

Our babysitters can only babysit for children who are on the parental registration form

Payment information

Fee per booking £5.00

Babysitter rates

Each babysitter has differing experience and level of training, due to this each babysitter will be seeking a different hourly rate. The hourly rates will range from £8.00 - £12.00 per hour. For example a nanny with 2 years’ experience will be seeking around £8.00 per hour but a nanny with over 15 years’ experience will be seeking around £12.00 per hour.

Payment notes:

Booking fee: - The Booking Fee is charged each time a booking is made and a babysitter is allocated to you. Payment must be received via phone.

Payment: - you will be expected to pay the babysitter at the end of the evening.

Charging:- we charge by the half hour (rounded up) e.g. 7.30pm to 11.45pm charged as 4 ½ hours

Minimum charge: - 4 hours. As you are not expected to pay the babysitter travelling time or costs it is expected that you honour the 3 hour booking, even if you return beforehand

Hours:- At present the agency offers assignments only from 6.30pm

Cancellations: - The Booking Fee is only refundable if the Agency is unable to organise a babysitter for your booking. If for any reason outside of the control of the Agency, the allocated babysitter cancels the appointment or fails to arrive at the confirmed time, you should inform the Agency immediately. The Agency will use its reasonable endeavours to find another babysitter. If it cannot do so, we will offer you your next booking, only, free of charge.


Thanks Tracy - we love her! Can we book her to babysit this Friday please? :) – P Chiu 05/05/15


Very pleased with sitter we had. Tracey was very helpful. Whole service was really good – F Towler 11/05/15


I just wanted to say thanks for putting us in touch with Jennifer again for last night’s babysitting- the children had a whale of a time and she put me at complete ease. I highly recommend her and will be using her again. Best wishes S Lewin 12/10/15






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Pennies has always been a family company and it matters to us that all childcare arrangements feel right to everyone involved.
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