Nanny Screening Services

Nanny Screening Services

Here at Pennies, we know finding a nanny can be an overwhelming task. To start with you need to decide what level of qualifications you require, how many years’ experience, then there’s the list of duties, defining the right personality to fit in with your family. Then you have the process of sifting through all the applications to ensure your shortlist for interview reflects your family’s requirements. Finally the interviews, what questions to ask and then the job of whittling out the perfect nanny!

To start with you need to decide what level of qualifications you require, and how many years’ experience you think appropriate. You also need to refine a list of duties, defining the right personality to fit in with your family. Then you face the process of sifting through all the applications to ensure your shortlist for interview accurately reflects the requirements of your family. Finally you need to consider interviews, ensuring you ask the right questions to find the perfect nanny! Bear in mind this might involve interviewing several potential nannies before making a final decision.

When you’ve finally found the ideal nanny (and before you extend an offer of employment) you will need to ensure that all references, documentation and checks are up to date, complete and correct. This is crucial as you will be leaving the nanny with your little ones. All this before you even think about the legal side of things and your responsibilities as an employer.

Pennies Nannies can reduce the stress and time spent when employing a nanny, by aiding you with any aspect of hiring a nanny. We can assist you by interviewing the potential nanny, checking the nanny’s DBS (formally known as CRB), also checking the nanny’s work background and references and finally employment contracts.

We can provide these services individually or as a whole package so that you can feel safe in the knowledge that all the essential details are being professionally handled.

CV Vetting

Advertising for a nanny will mean that you will be in a position to have to choose who looks good on paper and who doesn't.

With over 25 years of experience in childcare recruitment, we are experts in analysing large numbers of applications and selecting those who are relevant for each family’s requirements. So if you are concerned about getting this part right let Pennies assist you. We are a family run company with an understanding of the needs of families.

To initiate the nanny CV vetting process you will need to provide us with your name, address including postcode, telephone number and email address.

Pennies will contact you to talk about your requirements, this enables us to devise a draft job description and person specification.

This is essential for an accurate shortlist to be drawn up and you will of course need to forward all CVs you have received from your advertising directly to the office. We will then appraise all the applicants CV’s and match them against the criteria outlined by yourselves.

Interview guidance

We are often asked how to interview a nanny.

Interviews are a crucial part of the process to finding the perfect childcare professional for your family. We are here to help, and guide you through the interview process and have assembled our experience and expertise in recruiting Childcare professionals into an Interview Guide.

We have also compiled a comprehensive list of interview questions to aid you with gaining as much information regarding each applicant as possible.

Nanny DBS

All parents that are employing a nanny to care for their children want the peace of mind that a background check can bring. The Disclosure and Barring Service check is the means by which you can check if your prospective nanny has a criminal history. DBS was formally known as CRB (Criminal Records Bureau check).

We regularly complete DBS checks for our own applicants and can provide this service for you. We will process the DBS check on your behalf and track it until a disclosure is obtained. We keep you updated every step of the way.

To start the process you will need to provide Pennies with your full name, address including postcode, phone number, and email address. We will also require your prospective nanny’s full name, phone number and email address. Please advise your prospective nanny that we will be contacting them directly to arrange a meeting to verify their ID. We will monitor its progress and we will contact you to inform you of the outcome as soon as possible.

It is against Data Protection for a copy of the disclosure to be given to you but your nanny will receive a copy of to their home address but Pennies Nannies are able to divulge to you if the nanny check is clean.

Nanny Reference Check

Having references checked for your nanny is one of the safety measures that will give you peace of mind that you have chosen the right candidate for your family. Reference checking is commonplace and helps to verify the information given by a prospective nanny and to gain an insight into the way they work. This is even more important when it comes to letting someone into your home and to care for your little ones.

Pennies will use our expertise to provide a thorough and detailed reference check for your prospective candidate. To begin the nanny reference process we will need your nanny’s full name, telephone number and email address. We will then contact the nanny to get their authorisation to contact previous employers, so please prepare them for this phone call. We will then liaise with yourself and the nanny to ensure that we have all of the necessary information. We have a standard nanny reference format which we have complied, but if there are any specific requests for information it can be discussed with ourselves, so please do not hesitate to speak with us.

We will then contact the referees and put together a report for you. On occasion we may be unable to disclose a reference or element of a reference at the request of the referee/previous employer. Where this occurs we will provide an additional reference free of charge.

Nanny Employment Contract

When you’ve found the ideal nanny (and checks are completed) - it’s time to put an employment contract in place for yourself and your nanny.

As an employer, there are a multitude of things you must be responsible for as far as the nanny’s employment goes. This includes the working agreement between yourself, the family, and your nanny, and it needs to take the form of an employment contract. So in order to protect your interests and ensure that there is a clear understanding between yourself and your nanny let Pennies assist you with drafting a contract. It’s essential you get this part right to avoid difficulties in the future. We provide a draft contract that can then be tailored to your requirements.

For more information regarding our these services please contact Pennies Nannies on 01622 737733 pressing 4 for nannies. Alternatively you may wish to contact us via email on t This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Pennies were wonderful, efficient, and got references that I couldn't get after many phone calls. We would recommend the Nanny Screening Service – D Christie 27/05/15

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