Childcare Options

What is a Nanny?

Nannies typically work agreed hours, coming to your home and looking after children during fixed periods. Such care is most often arranged when both parents are committed to work and therefore need childcare provided during working hours. The exact hours worked by a nanny, the days of the week and other terms can be arranged through consultation with Pennies Nannies.

What is a Live-In Nanny?

Live-In nannies usually provide help throughout the day and into the evening. Typically, they work an 11-12 hour day, Monday to Friday. A Pennies nanny will typically be placed within your home to work an agreed and contracted period. Additional elements of work, for example providing childcare during a holiday, will generally be negotiated between yourself and the nanny. We have a wide range of nannies available to live-in. Our nannies offer substantial experience and skills. You have the chance to meet nannies who have already lived-in with families. Before offering you any nanny to live-in at your home we will check all qualifications and references.

What is a Live-Out Nanny?

Live-out nannies nannies typically work for up to 12 hours a day, Monday to Friday. It is often an additional part of the role that live-out nannies provide evening babysitting. Duties such as babysitting may be included in the nannies’ basic salary, or paid as extra. A live-out nanny travels to the family’s home each day. Live-out nannies sometimes work in nanny share arrangements, where one nanny shares time between two families.

What is a Night Nanny?

The duties of a night nanny cover many of the same responsibilities as those of a day nanny. Night nannies typically take a leading role in ensuring children are settled for an evening, observe a bed time routine and end each day feeling secure and happy. Night nannies will usually combine care functions; like feeding children, with expertise in engaging activities like storytelling. Night nannies work to provide busy parents with a feeling of confidence that their children are safe and happy. All introductions and placements arranged through Pennies Nannies will take into account your particular needs with regard to childcare at night. Pennies can provide both “sleeping” and “waking” nannies.

What is a Temporary Nanny?

All our nanny positions can be temporary or permanent, full-time or part-time. Some families are likely to need a nanny for a short period, for example; up to 6 months. Such requirements may arise when an existing nanny is on maternity leave. All temporary nanny contracts can be negotiated. Typically temporary nannies and mother’s helpers may work anywhere from 3-12 hours per day for as many days as are required. Temporary nannies and mother’s helpers can live-in or live-out from your family.

What is a Manny?

As a childcare provider with years of experience Pennies has been proud to provide male childcarers for a variety of situations. We offer the childcare options within our range with the option of a male nanny or “manny.” We recognise that some parents and children might feel the specific need to have a male carer, providing a role model for children and offering a different option to some of the traditional views of childcare. We can help you find a male nanny for your needs. We can also discuss the option with you if you have any particular queries about our “Pennies Manny” service.



“Being a first time nanny, Pennies Nannies were and still are very helpful. I was looking for a position for 3 months. I signed onto Pennies and in two weeks they had already set me up an interview and I got the job. Any information or help regarding being a nanny they gave me it. Being a nanny is hard as it’s very lonely and hard to think of new things to do. But Pennies have given me loads of websites etc. to help with this. Pennies have always been there to help. They have made my new direction in life very easy to adapt to and also fun.” – Matthew C


"As a child carer looking for a first-time nanny position, the process can often be lengthily when looking for a position meeting your requirements, especially when I was being fussy about which three days of employment would suit me.

From my initial contact with Tracy at Pennies Nannies through to the day and beyond that I accepted a position with a family I received a professional service. The communication I experienced with Pennies Nannies was miles ahead of that I had experienced with other agencies.  Pennies Nannies supported me through the whole process whilst I sought a position which was reassuring as I was new and uncertain of what I might need to expect.

With this support and with advice and encouragement I was offered a position with a family following my first interview through Pennies Nannies.

I praise Pennies Nannies for their services and have recommended them to both parents and nannies when opportunities have enabled me too.

When the time came for me to seek new employers I didn't hesitate to contact Tracy at Pennies Nannies and likewise she didn't hesitate in putting me back on their books and updating me immediately with new positions." – Cassie C


Hello Tracy,

Thank you so much for all the job updates and for keeping in touch. I have now found the position that I was hoping for.

I’d just like to say ‘Thanks’ though, as I am registered with three other agencies and none have been so productive as yours. Those updates although may not have been what I was looking for but are so much better than the silence from others.


I will be in touch should I need another position, Many thanks, J Stock

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Pennies has always been a family company and it matters to us that all childcare arrangements feel right to everyone involved.
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